Meet Eve Aulsebrook

Eve Aulsebrook

Principal of All Elements Personal Training

I am a long-term resident of Warrnambool. I spent two years in Hervey Bay completing my secondary education and a year in North Carolina as a professional lifeguard. I enjoy camping and playing footy. My constant companion, Arlo, a red healer is never far away.

My active involvement in women’s AFL and surf life saving is where my appreciation of health and fitness started. From these pursuits I realised that a healthy body enabled the attainment of small personal goals from which a healthier mind stemmed. Then with a healthier mind, physical health became easier to attain and maintain.
These experiences and opportunities have led me to this, assisting and educating others on how to be a healthier version of themselves.

My Approach

Keeping the process of losing weight and becoming a better you fun and sustainable

My mission is to help people become the version of themselves they’ve always dreamed of.

With all the misconceptions within the fitness industry its easy for people to get confused and feel stuck. My aim is to clear up all the misleading information and simplify peoples fitness journey. 

Through education, consistency and enjoyment we will achieve your desired health and fitness goals.

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